Throw Blanket
These are generally going to be light but there are some that are heavier as well. The blanket itself is used for those occasions when you’re just a little bit cold in your home. They could be made with fleece or other fabrics but they’re usually larger than a typical fleece blanket



Fleece Blankets
These are usually thin and somewhat small. You usually don’t put one on your bed but you use it sort of like a throw blanket when you’re a little bit cold on the couch or in other rooms of the house. These are soft, but they’re not really going to help you bundle up when it gets too cold.

Afghan Blanket
Another type of throw blanket, these are actually knitted or crocheted blankets that are made with some type of yarn. A lot of people make these for their families and they are often found on the back of couches or chairs. Of course, they’re not super warm because they’re full of holes



Knit blanket
This knit blanket is definitely fun and warm, even though it has holes through it. It’s also very soft and large to use when you’re curling up anywhere you want.

A duvet is a bag filled with down, feathers, wool or other natural stuffing to create a warm bed covering that takes the place of quilts and bedspreads. Duvet is the French word for down, as in down from birds. Duvets are rather like comforters, except that they have replaceable, washable covers – much like large pillowcases.



A type of blanket intended to keep the user warm, especially during sleep, although they can also be used as mattress pads. Comforters are generally large and rectangular in shape, filled with natural or synthetic insulative material and encased in a shell/covering.

Electric blanket
A blanket with an integrated electrical heating device usually placed above the top bed sheet. Electric blankets usually have a control unit which adjusts the amount of heat the blanket produces. Blankets for larger sized beds often have separate controls for each side of the bed.
Don’t use an electric blanket if you sleep with a pet. Clawing and chewing can damage the wires and cause an accident.



Normally, quilts consist of three layers. The top piece is the layer that is decorated and most elaborate. The middle piece is a layer of batting that provides warmth. The third piece is the backing. These three layers are held together with lines of stitching that may be worked in a grid, in straight rows or elaborate patterns. Most quilts are home made from different colors of cloth. Mothers and grandmothers will make them mostly from old dresses, shirts, and material purchased from sears for just that use.