Sash curtains are the most commonly used ones and can be typically found in every household. Designed only to filter light, sash curtains are usually unlined and have the ability to enhance the look of your room and give it a refined new look.

Translucent in nature, sheer curtains offer little privacy, filter light and can be clubbed with heavier ones as well. They have the tendency of blocking the view from the outside without obstructing it from inside. If you require a curtain that blocks light, these ones would not work for you.

Very similar in appearance to sheer curtains, lace curtains are made from lace fabric and are mostly used strictly for decoration purpose. They lend a traditional look to any room and when paired with another curtain they also help in controlling light and offer different looks to your room.

Gathered curtains let you change the look of your room whenever you wish to. When privacy is not needed, you can simply pull them back roughly half way up and tie back. How to pleat the curtain is your choice, you can even play with the overall length and lend a new look to your room every 5-10 days.

Table Top
Made typically from narrow straps, table top curtains have a loop of fabric that can be attached to the rod used to hang them. They offer a handsome look to your room but drawing them across when you need to obstruct light can be quite a challenging job. So, make sure you use this kind only when you have no need of drawing them across too frequently.