Memory Foam Pillow
Memory foam is polyurethane with added chemicals, increasing its viscosity and density. It reacts to body heat and pressure, allowing it mold to your neck and head in seconds while also returning back to its original shape once heat and pressure is removed.

Contour Pillow
A type of pillow shaped for back and especially side sleepers. The middle of the pillow curves down to provide proper support for the head. Materials like memory foam, buckwheat and water are used to make contour pillow, so they inherit the pros and cons of the respective material used.

Polyester Pillow
Polyester is sometimes referred to as the poor man’s cotton. It is made from all sorts of man-made fillings and is the most popular kind of pillow for various reasons.

Down Pillow
For softness, nothing is better than down pillows. Filled with the delicate fluff from the bellies of waterfowl, they are especially popular with stomach sleepers, who tend to like their pillows cushiony.

Throw Coushion
The name says it all. These are small, decorator pillows you can toss onto a chair, a couch, a bed – anywhere you need a splash of color and design. They can be any shape and really any size, although if you go much larger than 24" along one side, you are venturing into the realm of the pillow's slightly bigger cousin, the cushion. The distinguishing trait is how the seam is finished.

Knife-Edge Coushion

These kinds of coushions are very basic.
The side seams taper into nice, sharp corners.

Box Coushions
If your coushion has depth and dimension, you have a box-edge coushion, which doesn't always have to be "box shaped" as shown above. Usually the edges are defined with contrasting piping to show off the added dimension.


Piped Coushions
Also known as welting, this is a covered cord that is sewn into the seam as a decorative detail. It's like an outline for the pillow. Self-piped means the cord is covered in the exact same fabric as the body of the pillow. Contrasting is just that: a different color, pattern or texture to define the edge.